korla (flavia_sneech) wrote,

birthday birthday

It's been an excellent start to year 23 (I'm 22, so it's year 23, right?). 

Breakfast in bed (or rather, on couch, since I stayed at my folks' house last night).  It's our family tradition, going back to when my dad was a kid.  Turns out the living room is a much saner place to do it than a bed (especially a twin bed), since there's more space and couches are meant to be sat up in much more than beds.  

I'm not a person who likes the tradition of birthday present-giving.  I'd much prefer to get something for/from someone when it is right, rather than stress about it around a celebratory day.  My family is pretty good at respecting that - two gifts this year and they're both perfect: a gift card for Midwest Mountaineering, with which I can get a mosquito net and other accoutrements of travel, and Ella got me The Princess and the Frog.  C:  I'm definitely taking that with me.  

The Riverview is showing FRESH tonight at 7pm (for $9).  It's a bit like Food, Inc., but it focuses less on the big business side of the food system and more on the folks that are working outside of that system and/or trying to work within to change it.  Incredible film; truly inspiring people.  (Including Joel Salatin, who I want to be when I grow up - and who was in town this weekend, while I was up in farm country.  Go figure.  :)
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