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Yeah, I love myself. Get over it.

The Official Biography

-written by theravenflower

Korla was born in a small rural town in Pennsylvania, to two crayfish farmers. After a short and unhappy childhood, Korla ran away to join the Mock Trial team.

Korla currently resides in Minnesota. She enjoys reading, writing, and huddling in corners.

That's the original, written by Stephanie. I like it, so I'm keeping it. But in reality, I never really did mock trial. I'm a total theatre kid and history dork. And that's about it.

Marriage is love.

Bisexuality is Real.


smutty harry potter fanfiction is love
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User Number: 1521060
Date Created:12-09-03
Number of Posts: 154

korla is a procrastinator. this is proof of such.
Strengths: being way-stressed with or without reason; peeling oranges
Weaknesses: musical theatre; time management
Special Skills: making cats be quiet; cooking large meals
Weapons: her razor-sharp intellect? (we're not sure on that one)
Favorites: Color: green Song: dangerous -- frente Shows: fiddler on the roof; miss saigon

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