korla (flavia_sneech) wrote,

Holy campaign life, Batman!

So on Thursday afternoon (48 hours ago), the Faith Team found out that we would not be working GOTV together and would, in fact, be farmed out to the different campuses most in need of leadership on the ground.  Thursday night at about 11pm (+/- 40 hours ago), I found out that I would be going to Bemidji State University - the next day (yesterday).  Yesterday afternoon (26 hours ago), I found out that the organizer who has been responsible for the turf that includes Bemidji quit.  Yesterday evening, my coworker Nimco and I left the Cities at 7pm and rolled into Bemidji at 11:30.  And here I am, live, and work for the next ten days. 

I spent 8am-4:30pm today in meetings, trainings, and more meetings, getting my feet on the ground, meeting my team of (very green!) organizers, all of whom are putting their grades and graduations on the line to do the work it will take to defeat this thing.  I am amazed and honored to be here with them.  Bemidji most certainly isn't the back woods, but it isn't the Cities, either - I've seen more vote yes signs in the last hour than in the last four months prior.  And yet these organizers and out and proud (as queer or allies) and throwing every bit of themselves into this so that young kids around the state and country can see that we finally, finally step up and say that no, in Minnesota, queer people - queer parents in particular - are not longer a political punching bag that can be used when you don't know how else to turn out the conservative vote. 

Let me start by saying that if any of you feel compelled to take any part of the next 10 days off and join us up here in (BEAUTIFUL!) Bemidji, you would be warmly welcome.  :)  That not being realistic (unless it is!), please, please go here if you are anywhere in Minnesota: tinyurl.com/gotvmn.  Take a couple shifts.  We are so close to being able to kick the ass of this hurtful amendment.  If it feels overwhelming to think of making time to take a day or a few shifts, I want to ask you to imagine how awesome it will feel when we wake up on the 7th having won.  And then I want you to think about what it will feel like if we wake up to a new (or maybe two) constitutional amendment in Minnesota that says that some love is less worthy of the same breadth of options than others.  I hope finding a block of time to get out the vote is less overwhelming in this context.

Polls close in 242 hours.  Spend a few of them with us, making history: tinyurl.com/gotvmn.  I love you guys.  And I really fucking want to win - for all of us. 
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