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Seventeen days - get out the vote!

Hey friends!  The general radio silence is 100% campaign related.  The job is amazing - I work with phenomenally good people all of whom, queer and not, have come together to stand up for the Minnesota we want to live in.  There are some HARD moments sometimes, like yesterday when my coworker Jen told us that her 7-year-old asked, "mom, if the amendment passes, do you and mama have to get divorced? can we still be a family?"  Ugh. 

But there are also these great moments when the hope of defeating the amendment glimmers through all the shit.  We <i>know</i> what we're doing is working - it's just a matter of having enough time and capacity to have enough conversations in the next seventeen days.  We know that there are about a quarter million (yep) people in Minnesota who are 100% with us, but probably won't vote unless we get them to the polls.  Our margin of victory (or defeat) is going to be a small fraction of that - maybe 1% of the electorate? Maybe 2%? 

So what does it take to get an extra 1% of Minnesotans to vote?  14,691 shifts is what.  That's how many volunteer shifts we need to fill, all over the state, over the last 8 days of the campaign.  I know livejournal is a bit impersonal, but it's also where you guys are.  My South High people.  You are among the first community of people in which I was out.  You helped me come out and realize that I can dream about my future, even if I don't know where along the line my future partner's gender will fall.  So I need your help. 

We are so close in the polls that defeating this thing is almost withing reach - but right now, we're behind.  If the election were held tomorrow, we would likely lose.  But we are moving in the right direction.  Whether we win or lose, at this point, has less to do with what M4M does and everything to do with what we do or don't do.  Everyone in the campaign is reaching out to our personal communities and networks and asking everyone to come on board in the final push to get out the vote.  And then we're asking them (y'all!) to reach out to your own friends and families - that's how we're going to pull this off.  Plus, GOTV is a hell of a lot of fun!  We're targeting our supporters and simply making sure that they have a plan to vote.  (That's the cool thing - if people make a verbal plan with you, they're MUCH more likely to carry it out!)

I made a google form to send out to my people: handy google form.  It's where you can sign up for whatever shifts you can take to be a part of this amazing thing we're doing in Minnesota this year.  No other state has defeated one of these before - 30 times this has been on the ballot and 30 times it has passed.  But history can't make itself, we have to do the leg work.  We have to make history here. 

This victory will be so sweet.  Please be a part of making it happen.  I love Minnesota a whole damn lot and think that, ultimately, we deserve to be the first. 
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