korla (flavia_sneech) wrote,

Scorpions in the potty

One of my first days here, Peggy and I were talking about scorpions and other wildlife that is different here than in MN.  She said that the only real problem she'd ever had with scorpions - and the only circumstance under which she'd ever been stung - is that they link to hide out in the toilet paper rolls, so when you stick your hand in to pick it up, BAM.  (Not that you typically die with the little ones here, but it is still something I'd prefer to avoid.) 

So I've taken to shaking the rolls before I put my fingers into center.  But I'm pretty sure that, should a scorpion ever actually fall out of the roll, it will be a very good thing that I am 1) already sitting, and 2) perched over a toilet.  Because, even if I've just finished, I WILL pee myself.
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