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Basically, I'm done with school for the foreseeable future.  The only thing I have left is to hand in my thesis tomorrow morning and I'm done.  I'm not walking, so this is just sort of...it.  And I really like it this way.  Because the "next phase" is such a big deal, I'm glad that this part is more of a fade than a pomp-and-circumstance event.  (Not that I want to knock graduation!  It's just not where I'm at at this moment in time.)

So tomorrow I will go to Heller Hall, turn in my thesis - "Proclaiming liberation, naming the terms: 'Peace' and 'violence' redefined by Latin American liberation theology" - and go have soup with the Lutherans.  That'll be the biggest 'last' by far.  

I will say, as many times as I thought about just quitting or taking off, I'm glad that I went through it.  (Or at least, I am glad that I'm done.  No one can take this away from me now, which is the thing that I treasure about education.  It's mine, but giving it away/sharing it actually only gives me MORE.  Fancy that.)

The thing I can't believe is that it's been four years since we left high school.  And especially since I know most of you (lj friends, that is) from South or other high school shenanigans, it's all the weirder.  Does it seem like it has been that long?  I'm about to leave for a year - a pretty short time, really - and when I get back, my sister will be graduating!  How is this possible?  Ay.

Quarter-life crisis, here I come. 
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